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Most people have heard about epilepsy. Unfortunately, not everyone knows many details around it. So when patients get an epilepsy diagnosis, there can be a lot of uncertainty for them and their loved ones. Because of that, it is important to consult trained professionals.

Epilepsy is a general diagnosis for unprovoked seizures. When someone suffers through a seizure without any known, direct cause, it may be due to this disorder. There are many different kinds of epilepsy with varying degrees of severity. There are even many different kinds of seizures. Regardless of this, it can be difficult or impossible to determine a cause.

Most importantly, epilepsy and its treatment are not one size fits all. Type of seizure, family medical history, age, potential causes, and more can help determine corrective action. It is not uncommon to treat or manage epilepsy with medication or surgery. Testing and consultations with the doctors at Neurology Partners of Hudson County can help put your treatment on the right path.

Popular culture and public misconceptions about the disorder can make an epilepsy diagnosis confusing and frustrating. The best step to take is to seek professional help from a trained neurologist for all of your questions.