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Pain caused by a neurological issue (neuralgia) can be difficult to live with. Neuralgia is a chronic condition of pain that does not get better on its own. It also does not respond well to typical, over the counter medications for relief. Patients suffering from neuralgia need attention from a professional neurologist to correctly diagnose and treat it.

Neuralgia is commonly experienced in the face, back, and neck. It occurs as an extreme, short burst of pain. It usually feels like a sharp or burning sensation. The feeling often trails down the length of the affected nerve. Although each experience of pain is short lived, it can continue to occur and get worse over time if left untreated.
Since neuralgia cannot be treated with typical pain medicine, it can take specialized medication or surgery to treat. We are familiar with plenty of medications available to help compensate for the problematic nerve. And if surgery is required, we are trained in many procedures proven to help treat chronic nerve pain. We have the experience and education required to help patients get control of their neuralgia. No treatment works for everyone, so we work with our patients to determine the best possible treatment plan toward nerve pain.