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Strokes & Dementia

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Suffering through a stroke is already a traumatic experience. Worse, some of the effects appear in the aftermath of the event. One of these is an increased risk of dementia. After a stroke, a patient has a significantly higher chance to develop dementia. This risk increases exponentially with each recurrent stroke. For this reason, it is much more common in patients who have suffered through many smaller strokes than with those who have experienced a single, major stroke. This is called vascular dementia, and it is the second most common type of mental decline next to Alzheimer’s disease.
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Vascular dementia does not have many treatment options. The best option is prevention. We can help patients who are under risk of stroke or vascular dementia create a plan to help protect the brain. This includes regulating blood pressure, controlling cholesterol intake, engaging in exercise, and more. The only way to know the best action to take is to visit a practicing neurologist.
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